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Groups in the Church

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Member welfare and Community outreach



This ministry is charge with the propagation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Organizes publicity for church programmes, crusades.
  • Evangelizes the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis.
  • Community outreach
  • Brand Development
  • Publicity




This group is charge with the setting up of the church for services and decoration.

  • Sweeps the floor, arranges and cleans the chairs, altar etc.
  • Decorate and beautifies the church.


Medical team



Task Force

  • Maintain peace and orderliness in the church.
  • Facilitates traffic operations.
  • Assist worshippers in finding their way.
  • Take care of church properties.
  • Take care of worshippers’ cars parked at authorised car parks.
  • Controls marketing activities.


Christian Education

This group is in charge of Trainings, Search the Scriptures, Foundational classes, Discipleship Class and other classes.

This is the Christian education and development arm of the church. This group is made up of Sunday school teachers and trainers.

  • Teaches members and newcomers at the Sunday schools in all branches of MFM every Sunday morning.
  • Teaches new converts at the Sunday schools immediately after every Sunday.
  • Teaching and exposition of search the scriptures at all branches.
  • Organises and conduct water baptism (total immersion) for all candidates who have passed through the foundational class and are eligible for water baptism.
  • Award certificate of baptism after water baptism.
  • Organises lectures and training for those who have the calling in the teaching ministry.
  • Search the scripture book let before embarking on its teaching.
  • Holds compulsory annual fasting and deliverance programme for all teachers within the ministry.
  • Holiness within and without.



Drama and Dance



This group plans and execute all project for the Church.



This is our music ministry. This group is charge with bringing down the glory of God during various services by leading the congregation in worship, praise and hymns.

Ministering in songs at all the services and programmes organized by the church.


Media / IT

IT, Technical , Media

  • Prepares the church and its environment for services and meetings.
  • Monitors sound, video and lightening systems.


Hospitality / Ushering

Hospitality, Protocol, Welcome/Follow up, Ushering, Catering

  • Maintain peace and orderliness in the church.
  • Leads people to Christ and establishes worshippers through holy conduct and quality service.
  • Provide comfort for worshippers.
  • Welcome newcomers to the church and gives them attendance slips to obtain information about them before visiting them.
    • Writes letters of acknowledgement to those outside the city and also communicates with them through the telephone and the internet.
    • Visits newcomers to the church and encourage them in the ways of the Lord and to show them that the church loves and cares for them.
    • Strengthens their faith and leads them to Christ, thereby promoting the growth of the church.
    • Uplifts the spirit of the depressed/oppressed through the word of faith to get them firmly rooted in the Lord and to establish them in the house fellowship centres.
    • Shows them that the church cares about them by identifying with their situations and helps offer possible solutions through Christ.
  • Maintains peace and orderliness in the church.
    • Leads people to Christ and establishes worshippers through holy conduct and quality services.
    • Provides comforts for worshippers.
    • Facilitates collection of offering.
    • Serves as a beacon or signpost to newcomers.
    • Facilitates traffic operations.
    • Takes care of church properties.



Bible Study and Prayer

This ministry is made up of unrelenting prayer intercessors.

  • Prays against the devices of the devil and for God to empower the ministers of God with fire in order to do exploit for God.
  • Prays also on Sunday before the service.
  • Fights against rulers, powers and authorities of darkness through prayer bombardment.
  • Prays for the expansion of God’s kingdom and total deliverance of the souls of men from evil entanglements.
  • Prays for Christian’s homes, marriages, MFM, and ministers of God.
  • General prayers requested are treated at the end of every service.


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